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Get ready for explosive pumpkin-smashing fun and hair-raising humor as the crazy professor challenges you with a gruesome variety of Halloween experiments!

Figure out how to use bats, skulls, zombie bones, coffins and other things that go bump in the night! Bring the creepy-crawly zombie hand to life and use it to solve truly bizarre tasks!

Take on challenges like the “Iron Jack”, “The Swarm” or the outrageous “Skeleton Grill” and utilize your creativity in unnerving ways! Combine new scary elements, use the catapult, teleporter, laser beam and more in a ghastly array of combinations! Take it into the sand box and bring your creepy creations to life!

* Build ghoulish and devious contraptions utilizing incredible physics
* Smash pumpkins in your own hauntingly good style
* Solve bizarre new puzzles including the Iron Jack and Skeleton Grill
* Utilize new creepy parts and odd creatures including the “Zombie Hand.”
* Join the online community and compete in achievements.
* Leaderboards
* Create your own puzzles and share them online. Download and play other peoples puzzles.

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