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Final Fantasy VII Remake Acoustic Arrangements released from “Final Fantasy VII Remake”.

From “FINAL FANTASY VII Remake” comes an acoustic arrangement CD! From melancholy arrangements centered on stringed instruments to transcendental techniques with violins. Both “FINAL FANTASY VII” fans and “FINAL FANTASY VII Remake” fans will be satisfied.

01. The Prelude – Reunion ~ Bombing Mission
02. Tifa’s Theme – Seventh Heaven ~ Main Theme of FFVII – Sector 7 Undercity
03. Jessie’s Theme
04. The Turks’ Theme
05. Let the Battles Begin Again! ~ Let the Battles Begin!
06. Aerith’s Theme – Home Again
07.Midnight Rendezvous ~ Collapsed Expressway
08.Haunted ~ Ghoul
09. J-E-N-O-V-A – Quickening
10. One-Winged Angel – Rebirth

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